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Baogang Air Conditioning Equipment Factory was established in 1990, is engaged in the commercial central air conditioning design, manufacture, installation and service of professional manufacturers. Adjacent to the economic prosperity of the Yangtze River Delta, located in the Jiangyin Yangtze River Bridge, north of I plant products sell well in more than 20 provinces and exported to Indonesia, Syria and other countries.

Our factory is a unit of China Refrigeration Association, Jiangsu Province, Fire Protection Association member units. Enterprises through ISO9001: 2000 international quality management system certification in October 2005 succeeded in the "National refrigeration equipment production license."

To improve product quality to meet the increasingly fierce market competition, enterprises have been introduced since 1995, the Dutch original fully automatic CNC shearing machine, bending machine, Italian imports of multi-functional sheet metal machining centers, Swiss imports of panel surface high-pressure Electrostatic spraying equipment, the U.S. imports of high-pressure jet of polyurethane foam unit, Japan, the introduction of high-speed fin machine, tube expander and other advanced production tooling equipment, and built fan-coil cooler lines and fully automatic assembly lines.

After many years of continuous development, has formed 15 series, thousands of specifications of products, mainly include:

  • LGLS series of water-cooled screw chiller
  • MFLSR series of modular air-cooled heat pump chiller
  • BGWK series of rooftop air conditioner, BGHF series of constant temperature and humidity unit
  • FP series fan coil units, GFP series of cabinet fan coil units
  • BGG series of variable air volume, the new air units, jet unit
  • YG Series modular air conditioning units
  • JZKH energy-saving air-conditioning heat exchanger Combined
  • DSC high-frequency electronic multi-function water processor
  • HTF series of high-temperature exhaust fan fire, SWF series mixed flow fan, HTFC (DT) series of fire ventilation (dual) Low noise centrifugal fan cabinet, DWT series of roof fan, WS-85-6-type glass fiber reinforced plastic centrifugal roof fans, DZ series low noise axial flow fan, T35-11 series axial-flow fan
  • FH series of fire damper, FYH series of smoke dampers, PY series exhaust valve, PSK series of multi-leaf smoke / outlet
  • Ground-source heat pump, water source heat pump
  • FK Series draft, diffuser, DUP series of spherical vents, DUT series of spherical adjustable outlet, VDP series of cyclone outlet, BLP series become manifold outlet
  • T308 series of closed (electrical) off the multi-leaf valve, T302 series of steel butterfly valves, T303 series of air duct valve
  • All kinds of muffler, muffler elbow, duct silencer, silencer blinds
  • BGLBC series aluminum shutters (electric, manual, rain, erosion control)
  • BGDCC series of multi-tube shock-type dedusting unit, BGCCJ / A-type impulse-type dust collector, BGPL Series Bag Filter Unit, BGZWCC total horizontal impulse-type dedusting unit, BGWM type Venturi Pulse Bag Filter Units, BGJZC series of counter-rotating blown flat bag filter, BGPBC series of flat bag filter unit
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