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Service System

Our plant adhere to the "customer first" principle, the ad hoc customer service hotline. "User completely satisfied" is our job requirements and business objectives, we have to do is to complete pre-sale, sale, after-sales service.

A Pre-sale services
1,we will provide this project to the relevant equipment used in information and to ensure their true, accurate, and timely.

2,our side will be fully and truthfully to the need to understand the product performance characteristics and technical parameters of the staff introduced me to plant products, so that introduce the content of which is clear.

B Sale service
We will work with the need to maintain close contact with the information obtained would be timely analysis and digest, and manifested in the products made and provided services.

C Service
1, after-sales service network: I plant for a more comprehensive after-sales service to carry out the work to be really "fully satisfied customers." Set up after-sales service network across the country, the network of experienced service personnel stationed ready to serve you.
2, after-sales service capacity: 24 hours a day, on-site service is based on user needs or the situation can provide 24-hour service.
3, after-sales service work content:
3.1 Service personnel on the use of our plant equipment to customers free of charge for 1-2 crew maintenance personnel, technical training, detailed guide the user to conduct daily operations, maintenance, and an indication of the precautions.
3.2 visits a year to 1-2 times a return visit or telephone interview.

D quality "three guarantees" content
On the provision of equipment to implement the 12-month warranty service, warranty period, free of charge repair, improper installation damage caused by human factors and natural disasters damage the product or products outside the warranty repair is only appropriate cost charged to the user fee. I plant to ensure product compliance rate of more than 99% repair rate is not one of the more than 1000 copies.

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